Truth and Compass: Universality and Difference Inside and Outside of Autism

Very powerful!

Ray Hemachandra at Golden Moon Circles

Nicholas Hemachandra at the base of Rainbow Falls, South Carolina, yesterday.My son, Nicholas Hemachandra, at Rainbow Falls, South Carolina, yesterday

There’s this meme among some autism and special-needs parents and groups, shared on social-media graphics and bumper stickers, in fundraising activities and chat sites, that we parents are, essentially, the most wonderful people in the world: self-sacrificing saints chosen by God to raise these children — that we, if not our children, are very special, indeed.

Autism parents are just like everybody else, though. There’s no reason to think we’re not a perfectly randomized selection and cross-section of parents generally and people generally.

Which isn’t to say we aren’t special and precious and divine. We are — just like everybody else.

We’re also flawed. We struggle sometimes. Some of us are kind, and some of us aren’t. Some of us are selfless, and some of us are self-absorbed. Some of us are good parents, while some of us are poor parents. Some…

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