extinction burst


a diary of a mom


{Image is a photo that I inadvertently took with my phone. The world looks very different when viewed through an alternate lens.}

Ed note: Last night, I shared a quote on Diary’s Facebook page about the importance of “indulging” Brooke’s scripts. Tomorrow, I will have the honor of sharing an autistic perspective on ABA therapy (and everything but the kitchen sink that falls under the ABA insurance code these days), with a guest poster explaining some of the controversy around it and offering practical help to parents in distinguishing between the good and the really, really not so good stuff out there.

In the meantime, I went into Diary’s drafts folder just now in search of something that I’d written over the summer on a completely unrelated topic. And what did I find there but this. I don’t know why I didn’t post it when I wrote it. Maybe I…

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