selfish diplomacy

Tons of awesome sauce on this one!

a diary of a mom

Note: I ran out of time and the following is unedited. Good luck. 

1973 Godspell Sheep goats

{image is one of Brooke’s favorite scenes from Godspell, in which Jesus has divided the cast into sheep and goats. These are the goats.}

Someone recently asked me if I’d be willing to chat about diplomacy. Apparently, she thinks I’m diplomatic.

It’s funny; I have a friend who is an actual diplomat. Even though it’s a pretty amazing job, I’m pretty convinced that I’d rather chew glass than do what he does.

But when I told him that once, he laughed and said, “You do it every day, my dear.”

I had to admit he was right.

But my diplomacy is selfish.

You see, I want to talk to people. I want to learn stuff. I want to get better at this whole life-living thing. I want to convince other people to talk. And to learn stuff…

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