paper clouds

“This is what it takes to show the world that employing the disabled is not disabling. That it is possible to run a company that gives away HALF of its net proceeds to causes that matter to its artists. That we don’t have to be satisfied with piece work at pennies a day for our kids.

This is where it starts.”

a diary of a mom

It started what must be almost a year ago now. Nearly every time that I posted one of Brooke’s drawings on Facebook (which was, well, a lot cause the kid draws like it’s her job), someone would say, ‘Oh, you HAVE to get her work on Paper Clouds. And I would nod and smile through the computer screen and move on.

I don’t mean to sound callous, but the truth is that I’ve gotten pretty cynical in my old age. And when I looked briefly at Paper Clouds website and saw that they sell apparel featuring the work of individuals with special needs in order to employ those with special needs, I was wary.

You see, those of us who have been around this block a time or two can get a little jaded. Our community is far too often leveraged as a marketing tool and when it comes…

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