Being comfortable enough/confident enough to let people be who they are (including ourselves) is truely one of the greatest things we can do.

a diary of a mom


{image is a photo of a teddy bear and Tigger, both in their jammies for the pajama party}

“They’re just standing there,” he said. “I can’t tell if they’re … ya know, interacting or not.”

There was a pause as he carefully gathered his words.

“I just … I didn’t know if I should be, well, doing something.”

I smiled. I promised to check on them. And then I said, “Just remember, what may not look like interaction to us might feel like interaction to them.”

He nodded. He knew. He’s just wasn’t sure. I told him that I’m never sure either, but I’d check. I went downstairs to where Brooke and her friend, Ana were playing.

Brooke had desperately wanted Ana to come for a sleepover, but she wasn’t quite ready yet. As much as she wanted it too, at a solid two years younger than Brooke and also autistic, I couldn’t…

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