because it’s worth quoting at length

Lemon Peel

say hello to one of my favorite things written on autism research in the past 10 or more years. unsurprisingly, it was written by michelle dawson, isabelle soulieres, and laurent mottron, aka three of my research-heroes. i am straight up going to just quote from this chapter in a book (while providing the citation, of course) and make that its own damn post. it’s that good.

[Citation information: Mottron, Laurent; Dawson, Michelle; Soulieres, Isabelle. “A different memory: Are distinctions drawn from the study of nonautistic memory appropriate to describe memory in autism?” Memory in autism: Theory and evidence. Boucher, Jill (Ed); Bowler, Dermot (Ed); New York: Cambridge University Press, pp.311-329.]

Ethics: how should life forms be described?

The grasping and locomotion system of squid consists of ten tentacles and uses water for propulsion. This system is only awkwardly described by using concepts tailored for humans. A ‘humanocentric’ description of…

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