Confidence Strategies that Work by Karla Fisher (Karla’s ASD Page – Facebook)

After reading an incredibly awful “article” (on a popular psychology website) that was supposed to be helpful to people on the spectrum regarding employment issues (it was the complete opposite), I was moved to link to a resource that offers true value. [I refuse to link to the article, it was THAT bad.]

Confidence Strategies that Work

Per her facebook page Bio: “BIO: Karla Fisher is a 49 year old Senior Program Manager/Engineering Manger at Intel Corp. She has worked in the high tech field for more than 20 years and is still passionate about her job. She has two grown children and lives on 40 acres (alone) in a small town outside of Portland Oregon. Karla is also on the Autism Spectrum.”

Other noteworthy facts re. the creator of these and other fantastic resources: 

– Regular teacher to doctors, teachers and other professionals on ASD.
– Advocate for ASD Teens.
– Founded Portland’s first ASD adult/teen mentor program.
– 2012 Volunteer of the year Oregon Mega Conference on Disabilities


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