m, the pathology of difference, and a frog

“We have to stop calling difference in experience or expression absence of existence.”

a diary of a mom


{image is a photo of a frog, beneath which is the following text: Scientists tested a frog. They cut off its legs and shouted, “Jump!” The frog didn’t jump. The scientists concluded that when frogs lose their legs, they become deaf.}

My friend, M wrote this wonderful post the other day about, ya know, being M. I love his writing. I always have. It’s just, well, it’s M. But this post pissed me off. Yup, I said it. Not at him, mind you. Even after some six years of friendship, I don’t think I’ve ever been even mildly miffed at him. He’s just too awesome. But part of the post made me feel, as I said to him in the comments, growly. Which you might say isn’t really an emotional state, per se. I would beg to differ. And yeah, that matters.

This is what M wrote:

One time a psychologist told me that when…

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