listening – barb rentenbach writes to andrew solomon, magic ensues

April is autism “awareness” month. Knowing “of” autism isn’t enough. Reading about what it “is” from the outside isn’t enough. Postulating, guessing, interpreting what we see, or what we think an autistic person is experiencing isn’t enough. We need autism ACCEPTANCE – to accept that people on the spectrum are “Different, not less”. We non-autistics need to be Autism Explorers – looking to autistic authors/bloggers/facebookers, etc. to discover the ACTUAL experience of autism. We’re on the outside, looking in – let’s engage so we can understand, so we can become partners in the experience.

a diary of a mom

Two and a half weeks ago, I wrote a post entitled A Conversation about Autism and Empathy with Andrew Solomon  in which I shared, well, my conversation about autism and empathy with Andrew Solomon. I know, creativity abounds. Anyway, the dialogue that followed that post, both in its comments and on Diary’s Facebook page, meant a great deal to me, not least of which because it was driven not by those of us like me and Andrew who reside on the outside of autism looking in, but by autistic people sharing their own experiences.

I drew that conversation to the attention of my dear friend, Barb Rentenbach in hopes that she might join in and offer her perspective as a nonspeaking and long-misunderstood and oft-underestimated autistic woman. In response, I got this delicious photo ..  


{image is a photo described in the next image, which is transcribed}

And posted it on Diary with the following …


{image is…

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