I’m Impatient.

I’m Impatient.

Thanks to the internet, we are able to learn SO much more about the experiences of people on all parts of the autism spectrum. Autistic adults are blogging, autistic teens are blogging, parents of autistic kids are helping their children blog about their experiences. They have Facebook pages where they share their insights, challenges, fears, thoughts, needs.

This post is an amazing summary of the challenges and frustrations autistic people face, much of which we neurotypicals need to take ownership of in order to change things for the better.

In order to understand autism – REALLY understand autism – we MUST include autistic people in the discussion. We can guess, postulate, suppose, theorize, etc., all day long, but we will not really KNOW what it is about until we neurotypicals stop thinking we know everything and ASK AUTISTIC PEOPLE. They are not “less than”, regardless of how they communicate. They have a lot to offer, and we have a lot to learn.

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