are autism awareness days a good thing?

“Cocktail party awareness doesn’t do jack for my kid…Real awareness is about people. It’s about understanding how autistic people experience the world. It’s learning what it feels like to live inside a brain that is wired differently.” – so much yes to this.

a diary of a mom


{Image is a photo of Elmo and Maria talking to a firefighter from Elmo Visits the Firehouse}

Last week, a reader had a question. I tend to try to answer questions quickly and move on, but this one didn’t lend itself to either a quick answer or to moving on. This was what she asked.

My question to you is how do you feel about Autism Awareness Day at school? We live in a tiny, tiny town where everyone knows everyone. The teachers know my son, they know who he is and he is accepted by his peers for the most part. I am sure people know my son is autistic, but I don’t find it necessary to have an Autism Awareness Day at the school because there are maybe a handful of students in the school who are on the spectrum and they (the teachers and administration) are calling…

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