Books on Autism/Disabilities for Ages 4-8

From Autism Discussion Page (a great page – please visit it for wonderful insights/resources):

Books on Autism/Disabilities for Ages 4-8
Below are some good books that help explain autism for both the child on the spectrum and for sibling or young friends:
1.   In My Mind: The world through the eyes of autism, by Adonya Wong.
2.   What it is to be me! An aspergers kid book, by Angela Wine.
3.   Different Like Me: My book of autism heroes, by Jennifer Elder.
4.   I am utterly unique: Celebrating the strengths, by Elaine Marie Larson
5.   In Jesse’s Shoes, by Beverly Lewis
6.   Can I tell you about aspergers syndrome, by Jude Welton
7.   A is for autism, F is for friend: a kid’s book for making friends with a child who has autism, by Joanna L. Keating.
8.   The Autism Acceptance Book: Being a friend to someone with autism, by Ellen Sabin
9.   Everyone is different: A book for young people who have brothers and sisters with autism, by Fiona Bleach.
10.  I Love My Brother! A Preschooler’s View of Living with a Brother Who Has Autism. Written by Connor Sullivan, Danielle Sullivan (Editor).
11.   My Brother Sammy. Written by Becky Edwards, David Armitage
12.   Ian’s Walk: A Story about Autism. Written by Laurie Lears.
13.   Andy and His Yellow Frisbee. Written by Mary Thompson (Illustrator).
14.   Russell is Extra Special: A Book about Autism. By Charles A. Amenta.
15.   Joey and Sam: ‘a Heartwarming Storybook About Autism, a Family, and a Brother’s Love’. Written by Illana Katz.
16.   Taking Autism to School. Written by Andreanna Edwards, Tom Dineen
17.   My Friend with Autism. Written by Beverly Bishop.
18.   Views from our Shoes: Growing up with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs. Written by Donald Meyer.
19.   Don’t Call Me Special: A First Look at Disability, by Pat Thomas.
I’ve not reviewed these, but I will definitely be checking them out.

6 thoughts on “Books on Autism/Disabilities for Ages 4-8

    • You’re welcome! I’m just the messenger, though. I like to share the gold nuggets I find. Facebook’s Autism Discussion Page posted this. Great resource – definitely worth the look/like.

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