More on bullying

Bullying is as much an adult problem as it is a child problem. Kids do it, adults let it happen because they ignore it, or think it’ll “work itself out” (it won’t, that’s why it’s called bullying). Children learn how to behave from adults. If the adults don’t do THEIR job and teach children how to behave like civilized, mature human beings, children aren’t going to learn. So adults, step up and stop bullying when you see it. Actively teach children how to be good adults.

Aspergers and Me

I want to talk about bullying again. Specifically, the way some adults justify standing back and doing nothing. You’d probably heard it before. “They need to work out their own problems.”

Yeah, that one. A while back I heard it yet again as a way to justify not getting involved, and it struck a deep chord. It’s been bumping around in the back of my mind ever since, bugging me to write about it. So I’m going to try, let’s see how it goes.

Now, I know that non-parents are not supposed to talk about child rearing issues, so I am going to approach this from the only angle that makes sense to me – that of a former child who was bullied a lot. And yep, I was left on my own by adults who may very well have told themselves “they need to work it out for themselves.”…

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