the shape of hope

This post follows extremely well with yesterday’s reblog [Self-Awareness]. The focus is on OTHER-awareness, the expectations we bring with us into communication/relationship, and the pitfalls that can come when we are not aware of the innate bias we bring with us.

As one commenter says:
“We must presume competence as a way of acknowledging that competencies exist independent of our ability to identify and interpret them.” THIS is what I have been trying to hammer home to my son’s school teams year after year. I think this year’s team is getting it.

And this– “When I think about parents or teachers hopefully working, and waiting, for a child/student to “develop” normalcy, I am struck by the impossible task that child has been given.” This is the thing which causes me to yell at interns in our OT’s office or school staff (not on Nik’s team!) who DEMAND a specific social script from my son regardless of *his* needs and wants instead of meeting him where he is.”

a diary of a mom


Brooke in one of her favorite shirts

Yesterday, I wrote a post about hope. About how important it is to believe in the unlimited potential of our children as they self-actualize into the incredible human beings that they, well, already are. The comments on the post were incredible. I even posted a piece of one from a fellow Mama on Diary’s Facebook page, because … this …

… Like how amongst us all belief is a bit of a currency that we give and receive in accordance with who needs it and who’s got some extra to share. Like how if life hadn’t brought me a parenting experience that was about believing I might have made it about expecting and would have missed out on so damn much magic.

I know, right?

If you haven’t seen the rest of the comments, I’d urge you to click back and check…

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