Self Awareness

I very much like this post for giving a clarification of what neurotypicals perceive as reality for people on the spectrum, vs. what IS reality (for this poster and probably many others).

A neurotypical commenter noted a particular observation – “maybe consider that there’s a good reason for that, instead of assuming said instinct must simply be overactive because you aren’t having any problems.” and stated “how logical is the thinking of “I don’t have any problem so YOU’re fine”

This is important, because it makes NO sense to – judging people’s thoughts/feelings/reactions/experiences as wrong or not valid because they are not mine. It points to a lack of awareness, perspective and empathy in the person making the judgement.

Aspergers and Me

I’ve been wanting to talk about self awareness for a while now, but it always feels so tricky to me. Like empathy, ‘self awareness’ is actually a pretty broad concept that seems to mean different things at different times.

First of all, just let me say, people need to stop saying that autistic people lack self awareness. When it is said without further context or clarification it’s downright harmful to us, so cut it out. In it’s most basic form, self awareness means nothing more than awareness of oneself. I know I’m here. Clearly, I am self aware.

Sometimes self awareness seems to mean social awareness. I really hate this definition. This is when we are supposed to be aware of what other people think of us – which is actually being aware of other people’s thoughts and feelings, not our own. If I have trouble knowing what other people…

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